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Over 3 billion people around the world play video games regularly. Hence, due to their widespread nature, we believe that games are an amazing way to spread awareness among the masses.

Sojourn Interactive was founded with an aim to develop games which can effectively spread a message among the youth, while being enjoyable at the same time. By positively reinforcing good actions in the game, we aim to create a feedback loop which can help society as a whole to get accustomed to these positive actions.

Our Games


Critically acclaimed and featured by GitHub, Pashu is a real-time strategy game reminiscent of city building simulators, with your objective being building and managing your own animal shelter. You have to manage the finances, ensure your animals are healthy and happy, set up adoption drives and grow and expand your shelter to provide the animals that have been left homeless a new and comforting home.
The game focuses on topics such as animal cruelty, animal adoption and works to bring out the best in you by taking care of animals while also learning about animal conservation. 


Aqualine is an underwater survival and exploration game where the player can explore
beautiful procedurally generated seas while looking for resources to survive, managing oxygen
and food, crafting resources while learning more about the ocean at the same time.
The game portrays the beauty of the underwater life and shows the vast amount of resources we can get from the seas and their importance.


Children are exposed to bad road safety practices from extremely tender ages, and it is these children who grow up and become reckless drivers and jaywalkers. The problem is deep-rooted in the way children are exposed to road safety early on.

Roadline is a VR road safety simulator that allows people to learn about the dangers of roads and the necessary precautions while using them without putting them at risk. It is built with keeping accessibility in mind and can be run on a smartphone with the only dedicated hardware required being a VR mount which costs ~350 INR (5 USD). The software itself is free and open source so that anyone can use and modify it according to their needs.

Our Team

Pulkit Garg

Lead Designer and Developer

Somesh Kar

Backend and Web Developer

Alankar  Dutta 

Sound Designer

Adi Mathur


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